The Trusted Way

The Trusted Way!

The process of Trusted Coaching helps you gain the ability to write the formula to your success.

Our trusted way follows a holistic approach to the coaching service. When coaching you, we look at the aspects of your life and integrate your feelings, faith, and facts about you into a plan that can help realise your purpose.

At Trusted Coaching, we follow a process focused on combining awareness of what you need to do with tangible actions to deliver measurable results.

Our coaches work with you in a fundamental level where we help you to learn the specific thinking patterns and behaviours that are holding you back. Then, we work together to getting rid of those limits so you can reach your full potential.

From becoming aware to talking action, our process needs a commitment from both the coaches and the client.Together, we will create a plan with goals and outcomes where your coach helps you to learn to be creative and implement effective ways in approaching the challenges that come your way, either in life or at your workplace.

Our process includes the discovery of the things you need to improve, developing them and effectively transforming your life and career.

Do you desperately seek change?
Trusted Coaching Approach

Are you looking for real change in your life or business?

Have you been struggling or stuck at a cross roads?

Let us help you – if you are a graduate looking for work after your degree, an executive looking for a career change or a entrepreneur looking to hit the next stage in their venture we can help – here is how we do it…

At the beginning of our engagement, the client and the coach meet to define your overall goals as well as the direction where the coaching moves forward. Our coach also shares their objectives for this engagement, which are often augmented by the thoughts and suggestions by other coaches in our team.

At this time, we will explore and gain insight on your goals, working through resistance and obstacles in the way to create a vision of what you want to be and what needs to be done.

Once we’ve established and defined our goals, we can work on assessment. We will analyse your habits, talents, interpersonal skills and leadership styles among others.

The analysis we’ve gathered will be used to create a plan to address the defined goals. We will create a plan with intended and measurable outcomes to build your future.

When we’ve formed the action plan from the analysis and assessment, you and our coach meet regularly to take action and enforce the highlighted strategies.

Trusted Coaching uses only tried and tested strategies to improve the target areas effectively and successfully.

Along the way, we provide you with a fresh perspective on what else needs work and what doesn’t on your current behaviours, patterns and relationships.


Working with Trusted Coaching is a transformative process.

After working with our coaches, you can expect:


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