This is glossary our coaches have put together, relevant to coaching:

Assessments allow coaches to understand the goals of their clients. It also allows them to measure their client’s physical, spiritual and mental state as well as skills, strengths and areas for improvement.

Awareness training often occurs in large groups and allows participants to understand themselves and their surroundings better. It uses meditation, visualisation, relaxation and other techniques to improve awareness.

It provides individuals from different industries and sectors with essential business skills. Business coaching helps businesses understand their standing in the market and how to improve employee and customer satisfaction.

A career coach helps individuals determine their ideal career paths as well as develop interpersonal skills and attain life-to-work balance.

A coach provides advice and support and plays a vital role in their client’s physical, spiritual and mental development.

Coachable means that a person is willing and ready to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually and target problem areas. This person is open to criticisms and suggestions and accepts their flaws.

Counselling is composed of various activities that help participants determine and overcome problems in their life. It’s usually led by experienced coach and involves analyzing struggles and opportunities to help participants gain the skills to improve their lives.

Evaluation is a system that allows understanding of a person’s mental, spiritual and physical client. It will enable clients and coaches to improve target goals and areas continually.

Executive coaching helps a person develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a business professional at the executive level. It focuses on achieving a good work-life balance and developing leadership abilities and interpersonal skills.

A facilitator acts as an advocate for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual growth. This professional may explain new ideas and tools and encourage communication and discussion in group coaching sessions.

These are responses and reactions gathered to determine the success of a business, person or group. It’s an integral part of the coaching process that further improves a person’s understanding of problem areas.

It teaches individuals the necessary abilities and skills to lead a successful, happy life. Life coaching targets mental, spiritual, physical and emotional development.

It motivates individuals to assess their problems and skills and to improve their general well-being. Lifestyle coaching can improve existing strengths and target certain trouble areas to achieve greater success.

A mentor is a person who supports the self-work of individuals who are trying to improve themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

A milestone is a significant achievement or goal that is used to mark a person’s efforts to grow mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. It can be used as a form of motivation as well.

A model is a successful system or individual that is used as an example of what can be attained through dedication and hard work.

Performance analysis is used to rate how well a business or person meets goals and completes tasks. It’s used to determine growth areas, develop growth plans and track development.

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