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Career Workshops

Make the right move for you with Trusted Coaching

Stand out from the competition through interactive, hands-on career workshops designed to enhance your employability skills

Today, you can no longer choose to have a career simply out of an option. With how fierce the competition is, most people have jobs with a range of employers and even move a few times across different sectors. Many people today find fulfillment in their career while others are out to look for better opportunities to support themselves and their families.

But with how difficult it is to search for jobs unless you stand out, it’s important to be flexible. You need to have the ability to work in different working patterns. It’s vital to have the skills that can help you easily change jobs or move to another sector. With a wide variety of skills, it will be easier for you to change career if you can find better opportunities somewhere else. Trusted Coaching can help

You need to develop transferable skills to become flexible. Transferable skills refer to skills specific to only a single career path. These are generic skills that can back you up across every employment sector. Trusted Coaching can help you develop the set of skills that will give you the edge to stand out in the competition through our career workshops.

Here’s Who Trusted Coaching Can Help:

How we help you stand out and make a big difference in your field.

We are ready and waiting to take your call – and you to the next level.

Trusted Coaching’s  Career Workshops follow the strategy “preparing for success.” It’s a strategy we designed to challenge and inspire you. With our career workshops, you can find coaches ready to support you, whether you are a student or a graduate.

We will help acquire the necessary skills for your smooth transition from school to work and help you with practical career planning.

At Trusted Coaching , you can meet with coaches who have the knowledge and experience to work with students and training providers.

Our coaches can work side by side with young people in developing employ ability skills by following a CEIAG (careers education in schools and colleges) curriculum framework.

With this framework, we can add value to our curriculum that can help satisfy your needs.

Students aren’t the only one that need career workshops. Employees need to continuously improve their skills to remain ready for the world of work.

Trusted Coaching deliver workshops designed to help your employees advanced their career and increase their employability.

They need to develop their employability skills to continue their success in their job.

The skills we teach in our workshops include communication, problem solving, teamwork, self-management, planning and organising, resilience, and so on.

We also offer career coaching and workshops for employees who are facing redundancies.

By letting your employees attend our workshops, you can add value to your existing redundancy package.

If you decide to attend or let your employees enrol in our career workshops, you can choose either a bespoke 1:1 career coaching or group careers workshops.

With our workshops, you can learn a variety of skills including tips and tricks on how to improve your resume/CV and cover letter.

Letting your employees attend our workshops will help them feel valued, easing their worries in keeping a job.

Trusted Coaching provides career workshops to individuals, colleges and universities in London and the surrounding countries.

If you wish to improve your career, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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